0230 Small Bag WR M90 Snow Lock

149 SEK

We have developed the  Small bag so it has the size 27 x 33 cm in water resistant (WR) rip stop fabric in excellent Anti IR M90 Camouflage.

The bag comes with a moon shaped flap inside (snow lock) and glow in the dark cord end that will help when searching for your gear in a dim lit or dark environment and the flap inside also have a name type label.

The snow lock will help reduce rain and snow to enter the bag when placed under the mouth of the opening to cover your gear!

Many have discovered the advantage with having a small bag in a larger hold all or rucksack to hold the smaller items, you can pack extra socks, t-shirt etc in day bags, use for dirty laundry or things you need to keep dry.

When washing your item, please carefully read the care and washing label.

Note! The drawstring could be hard  when new.

Weight: aprox 55 g