0418 OPPO A1 Glove Black

329 SEK

The OPPO A1 Glove was created with the Swedish Hemvärnet (Homeguard), Security, Police and Law enforcement personel in mind who need a glove for MOUT, Tactical, Urban terrain or just normal BAU mission use.

The glove is made for warmweather, harsh unfriendly enviroment.. If You are in such a place!... You will need an OPPO A1 Black!

They are very smooth and comfortable and yet somewhat sturdy. The glove does not feel stabby or thick and and offer incredible finger dexterity for this type of gloves.
Being able to handle small objects could be critical in a tactical situation.

The glove folds easily in your pocket and takes little space but when worn protects your hands against sparks, scrapings, unwanted nicks etc and If you fall it offers palm area with good grip on most surfaces!

Also you find hangingloops for fastening on vest, rucksack etc for drying out or safe keeping.

Made in Black leather, the palm is reinforced, black Hard Knuckle protection draped in leather and NOMEX® fabric on the top of glove.

A short Neoprene cuff makes them easy to take on or off!
The OPPO A1 Glove Black has an aggressive look with almost a alien appeal!

Some customers choose one size larger than normal because of tight fit initially until broken in!

Top - NOMEX®, Knuckleprotection - Hard plastic covered with Cowhide Digital Leather, Padding on Palm - Strech fourway nylon, Cuff - Neoprene, Palm - Cowhide Digital Leather.