0436 Camp Shorts M90K Desert

759 SEK

These Camp Shorts manufactured in M90K Desert camouflage is a modern tactical model unique from Tac-Up Gear!

We have thought of all servicemen and women that are in hot environments and are in need in a shorts model that still has a Field trouser feel to them but also usable as a more relaxed garnment. Use during your deployment as camp shorts, when the heat gets to much for long trousers or for recreation purpose.

-   8 pockets both cargo and waist type
-   Extra spare button with each shorts
-   7 belt loops secures the shorts firmly and enable you to wear heavy accessories like holster etc.
-   YKK Zippers
-   D-Rings at waist
-   Deep waist pockets with netting
-   Adjustable leg end
-   Anti IR treated M90K Desert camouflage print
-   Smooth soft 85% cotton, 15% polyester fabric in Ripstop weave with unique M90K Desert camouflage
-   Anti mosquito Permethrin treated for bugs and tics*
-  Pre-made holes where you can add elastic string and cordlocks after your own choice
-  Leg opening can be adjusted with snap buttons for more relaxed or tight feel.

Aprox waist width in cm measured with buttoned waist lining laying flat on the floor, use your favorite pair as reference to find your size, note the fabric will stretch a bit when used and retract somewhat when washed!:
Medium = 82 cm, 34 inch
Large = 96 cm, 38 inch
XL = 110 cm 42, inch
XXL = 114 cm, 46 inch

From factory the fabric is coated in Permethrin to decrease the risk of biting insects, this is clearly stated in product description, on hangtag on the product!
The anti-mosquito will still have effect after 70 washes in ordinary temperature (20-25℃), but in 60 ℃, it will be kept about 10-20 times washes! Usage of Permethrin is common on outdoor gear like mosquito netting etc and also for example on US and British uniform clothing. Please note you must also respect the environment – Permethrin is toxic for Cats and Fish (water source), do not expose them for this clothing, we also advise you to clean your treated clothes at a cleaner that has professional cleaning equipment to minimize the Permethrin getting in to the local water. We want you to understand this but leave it up to you as customer to honor the above info. Remember the products were made for usage in deployed environments with disease spreading insects and not for unnecessary use.