M90 Grey Shorts and Bag

M90 Grey Shorts model NEPTUNE, POSEIDON and Drawstring Sports Bag Release!

The M90 Grey pattern and color nuance

When i think about the M90 camouflage pattern i grey colors i immediately think about the Swedish Navy and its ships and vessels that have had that type painted on for many many years. At one point, not so many years ago the Swedish Armed Forces started to use this type of coloration on promo gear, advertising stuff and campaign and of course on clothes.

In regards to the “clothes” they seemed to be directed to sport, outdoor, movement, that type of feel to it, products like neck buff, function fabric shirts for training like running, cycling etc which as you perhaps now is an area TUG has started to look into – Sports.

Being a company with focus on camouflage and seeing this type interesting progress we now introduce the TUG view on what we call M90 Grey on the new products.

The nuance in the grey spectra will surely differ from the Armed Forces one so this is our own interpretation of the M90 grey but the pattern however is the same we use to the NCWR Jacket and other products so you will easily recognize it as a TUG product.

For you who have been around TUG for a longer time you will instantly recognize the model for these long legged shorts!
This time, and what was asked for by many customers in feedback from the earlier M90 Arctic Winter Neptune shorts, you will find a wider thigh/leg end + more room for the behind to be more suitable and not so tight for those with powerful legs and thighs!

For the first time introducing the Poseidon model which is a shorter legged one and it comes with three pockets, two at the waist and one on the back. The waist has a more compressed elastic than the Neptune model and is overall a tighter model (over rear end for example) so be aware of size differ if wanting to get them both.

Being short in leg enable you to run and move your leg freely without fabric hindering etc and of course when swimming there is less fabric that need to dry after etc.

Going to the gym, heading down to the lake for a swim or just need a good looking and floppy bag to hold your soft training clothes and stuff we introduce the Drawstring Bag which stands out with its M90 grey pattern!

You will find that the bag is made in the same 100% nylon Ripstop fabric as the shorts!

Use the bag to your gym clothes etc
Filled with some items to show the bag when stuffed
The front of a pair of NEPTUNE Shorts M90 Grey
Full front of the NEPTUNE Shorts
Poseidon shorts M90 grey seen from above front
POSEIDON shorts have Shorter legs and tighter waist than it´s brother the NEPTUNE
Waistline on a pair of Poseidon shorts
Closer look at the waist and drawstring on the front of a pair of Poseidon Swim Shorts M90 Grey
Front view of Poseidon shorts M90 grey seen from straight from the front
Full front view of the Poseidon model in M90 Grey
Full front of a pair of POSEIDON Swim Shorts M90 Grey
POSEIDON shorts have Shorter legs and tighter waist than it´s brother the NEPTUNE
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