Biggie Bag M90

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Biggie Bag M90.

The Biggie bag is a useful item for your soft stuff to easily stowaway and move them, use the snap closure on the top if needed/possible to secure the opening from being to floppy.

Of course inspiration comes from IKEA and the popular blue and yellow bag and our M90 camouflaged Biggie Bag take that type of product to the next level and in the end it is up to you our customer to find the most suitable usage for it so do not hesitate but order yours today!!

Size in centimeter.
Length: 50 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 35 cm

Weight: 225 gram

Outer shell fabric:
100% Nylon micro Ripstop M90 camouflage
PU backed
Camouflage printed with dampened IR reflective colors
Water resistant treated
Flame resistance treated outer fabric but important as always to stay away from open flame and burning/glowing ambers.