Re-using packing material

First impression lasts! …. Getting an ordered package in a perfect rectangle carton box with logos printed all over is a great feeling for the receiver but as you might have experienced from us the package can have a very different look! Because fancy packaging is in itself a costly… Continue reading

New Mug´s, Folding Cup´s in JÄGARE theme.

The grey mug with blach and green JÄGARE print is crazy hard to photo, here it looks almost silverish, a twist of light only!

As you probably know we have under many years provided patches and products in the JÄGARE (Ranger) theme and it has been a bit controversial because of its proud wearers have earned their badges through tough selection and have required a lot of effort and in most cases they have… Continue reading

IR and FLIR patches release

With this release TUG (Tac-Up Gear) is taking a major new step and breaking new ground on the Swedish tactical gear market. As many of you already know Tac-Up is about just that.. to tactically upgrade your current gear with that little extra advantage kit! A few years back we… Continue reading