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NEPTUNE Shorts M90 Grey

479 kr

NOTE! Neptune shorts are a not returnable or size changeable item due to hygienic circumstances so please read text and size info in detail!
These shorts are unique for TUG and exclusively manufactured after our design so hurry to order your awesome pair because of the limited  stock!

The popular NEPTUNE Shorts makes a comeback in a Gen3 model in a epic M90 Grey camouflage!
Benefit from a long legged Bermuda type shorts model with 6 pockets for all day comfy use! The fit is more similar to trousers / trouser shorts at the waist but they also come with black net lining for full use on the beach and swimming.

If you are looking for an outside look of a tight pair of shorts the  Neptune model will not suit you, with these you will be able to have a  bit of a rear end and legs to go with it and still feel the freedom of  long legged floppy shorts!

Inside you will find a black net lining almost like integrated underwear to "keep things in place" while you are training, moving, swimming or running around so in its essence the Neptune has a tighter inside and a floppier outside.

Measure around waist directly on your body under your belly / 4 cm under bellybutton to find your size match below. 
Note, this product is non returnable for size change due to hygienic reasons!

Size - Aprox waist dimensions:
Medium ~ 98 cm
Large ~ 104 cm
XL ~ 108 cm
XXL ~ 112 cm  

Outer shell fabric: 100% Nylon.
Net Lining: 100% Polyester
Rinse twice before first wash in machine due to excess coloration from manufacturing.
Also note that the sizes differ between this model and the M90 Grey POSEIDON shorts model so you will find yourself using two different sizes of the two shorts!