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Running Jacket Green

389 kr

The Running jacket from TUG´s sports line will keep you movable and ready for action on the track, off road or on your bicycle!
This forest green sports jacket is a thin and lightweight, featuring 4 pockets total with zippers, there are two chest pockets and two pockets at the sides.

The jacket model have longer than normal arms as not to subdue movement and enable the use of the cuff that have slits for your thumbs so you do not need to wear gloves on chilly days, also you can adjust the waist with elastic drawstring and cord-locks.

Gear up and head on out the on your favorite track!
Read about the release of this product at our blog!

Fabric: Microfiber ottoman with wind-resistant and water-resistant finishing. Reflective fabric sewn vertically in front and horizontally at back.

Size: Start with measure your favorite running jacket flat lying down,  measuring with start under the armpit then over the chest to next armpit  and compare to the chart below to get as close match as possible! Use  your favorite online "Inch vs cm" to get more clear values of your  measurements if needed to convert.

Size chart shows centimeter:

                                             L        XL       2XL    3XL

Chest                                   60     61.5     64     65
Body length                        72     74        76     79
Arm including Cuff             89     91.5     92     93

Washing 40-60 degrees Celsius or hand wash. Turn garment inside out to spare embroidery and reflective fabric.
100% Polyester - Keep away from fire!
Laminated print inside neck will due to wear and tear, washing etc in the end fade away.