Terms and Conditions
Ordering from us you accept the below terms and statements:

You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail when you have placed your order.
The confirmation contains information about your order and your order number. Check your spam filter if mail not received within 24h. When contacting us regarding an order please state your ordernumber.

Some variations of the products can occur, for example the hue in camouflage colors, chin strap material, cord locks etc because we use different producers for our products.
The price shown in the price list the day the customer orders the item, is the price that will be charged. Our products are regularly updated and price and text might change without warning. We reserve ourselfs of stock can run out and or differ from actual stock, your order will then be cancelled and all costs refunded to you. Terms and Prices can be changed at any time.

All prices are shown in SEK and include VAT/TAX at current rate of 25%, this will be deducted for orders to countries outside EU at checkout.

We sometimes sell our products on E-bay, they rarely have different prices than in the store. Sometimes we also sell 2:nd grade products and products used at photoshoot to a lower price at e-bay or other sell channels.

Your order requires payment with Klarna , Tictail Payment or PayPal at no extra charge from us.

Your gear is delivered as first class air mail or postal package depending on weight and or size. The shipping cost to all countries outside of Sweden is currently set to 129 SEK with free shipping for all orders over 1599 SEK. Shipping within Sweden is free.

Orders are generally sent within 2-3 days but during holidays, National holidays, Easter, Red-days, Middle June – Middle August, and December expect up to 2-3 weeks for handling of your order and answers on e-mail.

Delivery is made to your local post office or service place in approx. 1-2 weeks depending on were in the world you live If the item is broken or lost during transport from Tac-Up Gear, Tac-Up Gear is (Payment) responsible. If you discover when receiving your order that the package has transportation damage you should immediately report this to your Post office or Service place. If an item is broken or is lost during transport back from customer to Tac-Up Gear, the customer is (Payment) responsible.

Tac-Up Gear AB does not in any way warrant that you, the buyer, can lawfully purchase, posses, carry, use any item which you may order, under any applicable Swedish, international and/or local laws, this also includes our IR patches line of clothes and gear treated with Anti Mosquito finish (Permethrin).

That you are of the legal age to purchase these items and that you are not under any legal disability which would in any way effect your ability to lawfully purchase. Your personal info is treated confidentially and is never shared or sent to a third part that does not have anything to do with our webshop. When you order you admit to that Tac-Up Gear is saving your information for business use this does not include sharing your information with third parties not directly linked (Stripe, PayPal, Klarna etc) to Tac-Up Gear.

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Phone: See FAQ, E-mail: info@tacupgear.com
Org.nr: SE5568114845, PayPal: order@tacupgear.com
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