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If you need a tough durable metal pen with solid grip and large clipper for your EDC kit, bail-out-bag, for normal duty, as backup in your handbag or to upgrade your tactical office kit, then a tactical pen is the thing for you!

Tactical pen(s) has been around now for some time and turns simple pens into a lifesaving and deterrent tool in a flash, besides that, they also lay safely in your palm with its coarse grip and, with the heavy feel it handles smooth when operating it wearing gloves. The pen could easily be compared with a Kubaton and used the same way but we like to see them in use in another more positive light!:

- You need to immobilize a fracture asap in let’s say your under arm or finger or such when way off from any facilities and before you can seek medical help!

- It’s a hot summers day and you have just accidentally closed the car door with the keys inside and locked yourself out while your baby is still inside.. the heat rapidly turns up inside the car heat exhaustion and heatstroke symptoms are imminent and smashing a window to get access is acute!

- You are stuck or in the position to be, in let’s say a door, when you jam the pen between as buffer for the blunt force or as release for the pressure clamping your fingers.

- Ballpoint with black ink is heavily shielded when not in use
- Self-defense, duty or for looks at your desk
- Nice coarse metal feel
- Extra refill with black ink each pen (If you need extra refill "Parker" standard refill works with this pen)
- Gift box included with each pen
- Made in Aero metal
- Size: 15 cm -1.3cm
- Weight: 46 gram

Blog post:

Note!The tactical pen may be recognized and considered an offensive weapon in some countries and/or jurisdictions and be prohibited as carry-on items for air traveler!
This is a unique small batch product for us so please note there is a limited stock!
The pen is striking in look with UZI´s tactical series of pens, but differ somewhat at closer look, shorter grooves, longer logo area, shorter overall, smaller grooves in cone, shinier color etc. We have imported them directly from manufacturer, so we do not take credit for the model nor is it designed by us!
The end piece could be screwed loose and could loosen itself accidentally, we advise on tightening it or even use metal glue to fasten it.