Beanie Merino Wool Green

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Beanie Merino Wool Green

Our high quality and super soft Beanie in Merino wool will keep your head warm when cold and cooling when hot due to the fantastic temparature-regulating feature of the fine merino wool fabric.

Merino wool is also warming even when wet (it actually repels water) and the soft thin and stretchy material have good breathability when used over mouth and nose which help making it comfortable for use over time.

The Beanie Merino Wool Greeen also benefits from the wools natural properties that eliminate odors instead of holding on to them and it is also anti-static so no sparks when taking on or off!

For our Nordic climate this fine beanie is excellent as an addition to your clothes during most part of the year!

Light in weight.
Wool has natural odor control.
Warming evenwhen wet
Take up little space in pocket or rucksack.
100% Natural.

100% Australian Merino Wool yarn (70s).
Mulesing Free.

25x46 cm

We advise hand wash, lukewarm water, soap or detergent for fine washing and laying flat to dry preferably outdoors so the wind can dry it.