Tac-Up Gear is a unique one man driven webshop with focus on Swedish M90 and other camouflage clothes and professional products like patches both regular and IR. Follow the TUG journey at the blog here.

The company was created in 2006 and has its base in Sweden. Its purpose is to fill the void in the tactical gear market presenting unique and odd tactical gear.
Tac-Up Gear have become known on all continents of the world because of the uniquely designed and useful items.

Driven by the passion for practical products, gear and new camouflage patterns in interesting fabrics most items are exclusively designed and produced in a limited edition by factories around the world. The characteristics of the Tac-Up Gear brand are the uniqueness and practicality of use.

I choose to focus on outdoor clothing, patches, survival and other smaller gear which seems interesting and that I think would benefit you as customer!
During the years we have had both Swedish and other countries military forces ans police as our customers.

The logo:
Our  originally logo Viking ship was created in the 1930´s of a piece of wood by my grandfather it then had a more cartoon like or artistic rounded character and we do not use that logo extensively any more.

Our logo today is a more strict looking ship and has more edge and speed to it and you can think of it as it is sailing on the sea, delivering unique quality products to you! For this modern logo design we took help from Christian Wallénius to have it made.

The company tag-line is: "Absolute Nature" and "Time to tactically upgrade your gear"!

I must say I feel proud to carry on the creating and designing tradition in the family.

Welcome with any order large or small!
Martin Sandgren, CEO & Lead Designer 
org 556911-4845
Uppfyller kraven för F-Skatt

- International shipping with a set flat rate.
- There is no shipping cost within Sweden for private customers.
- Unique small batch manufactured gear.
- We do not charge for any of our  many payment alternatives.
- Please leave reviews and feedback on our product pages.