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By ordering from us you accept the below terms, conditions and statements for general / purchase, payment, shipping, size change, regret and return.
Note! To be able to handle orders We have minimum ordervalue of 150 SEK for all orders!

You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail when you have placed your order be careful to enter a valid email address.
The order confirmation email contains information about your order and your order number.
You may also contact us at [email protected] with questions or if you think you wrote your email address wrongly.
Please Note! Check your spam filter if order mail not received within 24h or if you have no response for your email after 7 working days!
We are afraid many of our @tacupgear emails end up in your spam filters,  if you do not hear from us when placing your order, never get our newsletter, or no response after asking us questions in emails or from the contact page, then please check your spam filter and whitelist @tacupgear.com. We have trouble reaching Gmail and .de adresses for example!
If you need to contact us regarding an order please state your order-number so that we can help you faster and email us at [email protected].

Some variations of the products can occur, for example the hue in camouflage colors, chin strap material, cord locks, seams, batch color for patches etc because we use different producers for our products and other products never are an exact match from batch to batch.

Some patches are not perfectly centered due to manual manufacturing as merrow border or cutting.
You can also receive a returned product and that will not be packed like from manufacturer but the item is not used and in new condition.

The price shown in the price list the day the customer orders the item, is the price that will be charged.
Our products are regularly updated and price and text might change without warning.
We have a minimum ordersum of 150 SEK, sorry we can´t handle orders below this amount.

We reserve our self of that stock can run out and or differ from actual physical stock, your order will then be cancelled and all costs refunded to you.
Our Terms and Prices can be changed at any time be sure you understand them before accepting / placing your order from us.

All prices are shown in SEK and include VAT/TAX at current rate of 25%, this will be deducted in orders to countries outside EU and you can see your total in the checkout at any time.

Payment alternatives:
Once you are in checkout and have chosen your country you will see what payment alternatives are open for you.

Your order requires payment through Klarna (card, swish or invoice) or with Swish (Nordea) , PayPal,  Stripe.

We advise you to download the Klarna App to your smartphone or tablet if using that alternative: https://www.klarna.com/se/smoooth-app/
Any questions in regards to your payment through Klarna please directly contact their support directly at: https://www.klarna.com/se/kundservice/

Shipping internationally or within Sweden:
Your order is shipped internationally as letter, first class air mail or postal package depending on weight and or size.
The shipping cost to all countries outside of Sweden is currently a set flat rate of 184 SEK regardless of order quantity or product.

Your order within Sweden is shipped as Brev, Varubrev, Skicka Lätt or Paket genom Postnord. depending on the order size.
Shipping cost within Sweden is 36 Kr
Shipping cost within Sweden for companys / myndigheter within Sweden is set to 240 SEK.

Orders are generally sent within 2-3 days but during holidays, National holidays, Easter, Red-days, Middle June – Middle August, and December expect up to 2-3 weeks for handling of your order and answers on e-mail.

Delivery is made directly to your mailbox, to your local post office or service place in approx 1-2 weeks depending on were in the world you live, how far away from Sweden and how your Customs work.
We use / re-use packing material and if you order more than one order we try to pack them together in to one shippment.

Note! Since 2020 and ever going situation in the world with Covid and many ordering from their homes, shipping and customs handling are stretching with weeks for international orders / scanning points for tracking updates and there is no way for us to influence this matter and ask you to take this in consideration when ordering from us. An order to USA or Canada for example might take 3 weeks or more.

We use REK or Skicka Lätt for orders by companies within Sweden so you must be prepared to visit local post office or service place for collection of your order/package.

If the item is broken or lost during transport from Tac-Up Gear, Tac-Up Gear is (Payment) responsible.
If you do not collect your package when it is available at your local Post office / Collection point and it is returned back to us by Postal services we will charge a fee of 150 SEK.

If you discover when receiving your order that the package has transportation damage you should immediately report this to your Post office or collection point.

Size change, Return, Regret  (Ångerrätt).
Ordering from us you accept the below terms and statements, if unsure about sizes contact us before ordering.

If you should receive a defect or wrong item or need to get another size or simply regret your order (konsumenträttighetsdirektiv (2011/83/EU) please contact us at [email protected] with your order info: order number and info about the product you wish to return and any other questions.

For us to be able to help with any regret or size changes you need to contact us within 14 days after receival of the order for Swedish and EU customers and within 7 days for customers from outside the EU. Note these are the timeframes for regret and size change.
(Also note some products are excluded from regrets and returns because of hygienic reasons).

Any returned item must be unused and in its original packing/plastic cover, plastic cover or original packing must not be opened, the product must be free from smell, ex smoking or animal and have a copy of the original order receipt.

The customer must pay for the return cost both for returns and size change. The return cannot be sent as Payment at delivery or similar, this will not be accepted. Underwear, T-shirts, are excluded from above notes and are not returnable or size changeable due to hygienic circumstances!

If an item is broken or is lost during transport back from customer to Tac-Up Gear, the customer is (Payment) responsible.

After we have received and checked the item for flaws (Note that We as retailer should be compensated of any usage that has occurred after trying the product to note its abilities and function. The guidance for goods value deduction is provided by Sweden Konsumentverket.

We will either send you size changed product for free / replacement product or make a return through Klarna / Swish responding to the order/item value at time of purchase.

The return address to Tac-Up Gear is provided to you after contact with us.

Removal of email and address etc.
If you wish to be removed from our mailing list you can click the unsubscribe link in the latest newsletter you have received.
If no such email is available please just email us at [email protected] so removal can be manually done from example Mailchimp etc.
For unsubscribe of our newsletter you can use this link here!

Tac-Up Gear AB does not in any way  warrant that you, the buyer, can lawfully purchase, posses, carry, use  any item which you may order, under any applicable Swedish, international and/or local laws, this also includes our IR patches, our line of clothes and gear treated with Anti Mosquito finish (Permethrin).

That  you are of the legal age to purchase these items and that you are not under any legal disability which would in any way effect your ability to  lawfully purchase.
Your personal info is treated confidentially and is  never shared or sent to a third part that does not have anything to do with our webshop. When you order you admit to that Tac-Up Gear is saving  your information for business use, this does not include sharing your information with third parties not directly linked (Stripe, PayPal,  Swish, Klarna etc) to Tac-Up Gear.

Tac-Up Gear is following the Swedish Law, Konsumentköplagen, Köplagen  och konsumenträttighetsdirektiv (2011/83/EU) and the EU Commission ODR  information. https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

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