Expedition Belt Coyote

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Article Number: 0430

Our Expedition Belt Coyote is made for the desert traveler, adventurer and expeditions!
This comfy and simple to use belt will fit your favorite trousers or shorts and give a firm and sturdy waist grip with its easy adjustable buckle.

Be it that you are a guard, soldier on a mission, trekker or adventurer etc you will find this belt to be an excellent addition to your kit.
This belt will work excellent with our Field Trousers and Camp Shorts!

Wide 4,5 cm
Nylon 100%
No metal - suitable for flight
Tip of belt hardened
Use for your favorite trousers
Work both in the field and as EDC

Please note!The size´s in cm is the actual belt length - You need to match it with your actual waist measurement!
During production there is a tolerance of 2-3 cm in shortage of the fabric there fore If in doubt please order one size larger belt than usual to avoid to short belt!
Influence has been 5.11, Propper and NRA type belt.