Whistle EDC Silver

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Whistle EDC Silver.

This Elegant and sturdy aluminum alloy EDC Whistle is a powerful and loud sounding, great looking device that both children or grown ups can use in need of attention in a lost or difficult situation!
Get the much needed attention from your surroundings with ease which could mean the difference in found or missed.

The nice looking metal EDC Whistle Silver is easily attached to your keys or can be your keychain so that it is always with you!

- Survival Rescue Signaling Whistle with energetic high pitch sound through double whistle ports.
- Elegant looking keychain add on to your keys
- Laser etched / engraved TUG viking ship logo that is a nice add on for this product.

Color: Silver with Silver chain and ring
Weight: 12 g.
Size:5,6 x 1,5 cm
Fabric: Aluminum Alloy