Dry Sack WR M90 - Large

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Dry Sack WR M90 - Large.

Unique water resistant dry sack for clothes and other soft items.
Rectangle bottom for easy of packing and taped seams for waterproof/resistant feature.

Because of its Large size it is excellent for the Swedish Armed Forces summer sleeping bag, inflatable pillow and sleeping clothes all bundled and fitted into one dry sack.
Reap the reward by adding extra shielding for your dry kit but order now before this unique and limited stock runs out!

Outer shell fabric:
100% Nylon micro Ripstop M90 camouflage
PU backed
Camouflage printed with dampened IR reflective colors
Water resistant treated
Flame resistance treated but as always stay away from open flame and burning/glowing ambers.

Ungefär 28 Liter
Höjd - 67 cm
Bredd botten - 30 cm
Tjocklek botten - 14 cm

Aprox 7,43 Gallon
Height ~ 36,38 Inch
Width bottom ~ 11,81 Inch
Thick bottom ~ 5,51 Inch

Note! We tend to call it "water-resistant" rather than waterproof due to the fact that there are other makers out there that have absolute waterproof rubber dry sacks and this item should be considered more as a shield against snow and water!