Mosquito Head Net Black and M90

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Mosquito Head Net Black and M90.

Because Mosquitoes can carry disease like malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever etc and Mygg, Knott and Älgflugor (Swedish for some flying biters and suckers) could be a serious pain for you in the Tropical Jungle / Nordic forest and fields you should be able to easily shield yourself from head to neck with a fine net.

In Sweden´s top northern Ranger (JÄGARE) Lapplandic nature landscape, soldiers like the AJB, Recon and Infantry could benefit from some relief during operations wearing the net during off periods napping or sleeping, standing guard, in OP etc. Sweden as a whole has some buzzers or crawling biters during the warm weather period so the head net is of course also highly usable by Swedish Home Guard units operationg in the field.

Be rewarded with "no more in your face, nose and ears creeping and biting” buzzing blood suckers" when in a concentrated static position, OP, guard duty or when sneaking through the woods hunting, sleeping or even eating! (yes you have to raise the net to be able to stuff food down ;).

One of our twists is to use the two 4x4 cm fleece pieces to smear a drop of Bäckolja/Jungelolja or Nordic Summer (Preferably the epic early 90´s concoction) on there to suck in the fabric with the purpose to further help keep buzzers away from your neck head and face! One of the fleece squares is on the top of the head area and the other at the bottom of the net were your neck will be, also i have acquired a more dense netting than common on this type of product to provide a shield for the tiniest of Sviare.

Remember, being able to focus on other tasks than the urge swatting biters or silently grit your teeth during flying attacks will keep you positive and happy in the field so don´t miss out on this exclusive military head net,order now!

TAC-UP GEAR offer this limited manufactured but vital kit for your  military missions, expeditions, fishing and hiking and the M90 camouflage top part of the net and the small camouflaged pouch will help integrate  the product in your M90 "green" kit.

Each net comes with a small storage pouch with a buttoned belt flap for easy fastening for you to reach on your pack or belt!
Black fine woven net
Drawstring at neck with glow in the dark cord end
100% PU Backed Nylon micro Ripstop swedish army M90 camouflage on top.
Camouflage printed with dampened IR reflective colors
Water resistant treated camouflage fabric
Flame resistance treated camouflage fabric on top but important as always to stay away from open flame and burning/glowing amber's.