Neck Tube Shemagh Lime Green

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Article Number: 0607

The Neck Tube Shemagh Lime Green will be an excellent add to your sport kit when you need something extra to act as neck, face or head shield.
Made of a stretchy polyester microfiber material it is combining the multiwrap features with a Shemagh ltype ook!

For our Nordic climate the Neck Tube / Multscarf / Buff product is great as an addition to your clothes during most part of the year!
use as neck warmer, scarf, headband, wristband.

- Elastic.
- Light in weight.
- Take little space in pocket or rucksack.
- Thicker fabric that is suitable also for colder weather, winter, skiing etc.

Fabric: Stretchy Polyester
Size aprox: 23x38 cm
Washing: Note, this product should be washed before usage due to manufacturing / print sent etc!
We advise hand wash,  soak i lukewarm to warm water with soap or mild detergent and then hanging to dry, preferably outdoors to air the product well before usage!