Scrim Net Scarf FR Commando

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Our Scrim Net Scarf in the old French CE (Central European) camouflage will go excellent to your missions in archipelago environments like Swedish stony and pine blistered one.

Being multicolored in a swooping woodland type pattern with brown, tan, green and black color all bundled into one you get an excellent and versatile camouflage!
Net Scarfs are used frequently today by elite forces all around the world and operators uses this type of scrim net as a face veil and as environmental camouflage to improve hides and op´s.

The scrim net scarf is often seen on elite troops worn draped over head face and shoulders both in water and on land to help break up contour rather than worn around the neck which would be more for comfort and or for storage keeping.
Frequently this type of personal camouflage nets is used also in maritime environments of the Swedish elite Costal Jaegers (Kustjägarna) and Swedish Paras (Fallskärmsjägarna) worn as overhead personal camouflage veils even in the water.

As a general-purpose piece of kit, the scrim has a multitude of uses such as neck scarf, face veil, to keep bugs from your face, concealment net. It can be cut up and used as camo garnish for weapons, optical gear, they can be draped in front of binoculars to cut reflection, they can be used to help hold field dressings in place on arm and legs etc.

Although the more famous "Shemagh" is better for warming and has been taking over the market from the Scrim Scarf during recent years, the Scrim still has the tactical varsity over the Shemagh and does not take up the same space!

Note! The net is dyed/printed and could come with an excess of colour in the fabric. To avoid it to bleed when wet and miss-color clothes we advise hand rinsing the Scrim in lukewarm / warm water in a bucket or similar with a bit of gentle soap and keep changing the water until colour bleeding stops. If you experience that the fabric smell strongly from dye and print, the rinsing with soap combined with hanging outdoor to air for 26 hours it will reduce this! 

Our size measure aprox 180 x 85 cm so it is big enough to wrap around your entire head and upper part of the torso.
Made from lightweight and stretching woven 65% polyester 35% cotton blend.
Hand wash cool - Do not bleach - Iron low - Hang dry.