Sticker Smoke Ninja tre kronor

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Is it you?.. or.. do you know the Ninja in your team? You know the one that miraculously escapes close encounters, misses out on tedious duty, latrine service, disappears only to turn up unexpectedly etc etc!

Fits your description or your buddy´s? Be proud of your ninja like ability and boost it with this morale sticker!

When cornered do your thing and deploy your yellow smokescreen and off you go shielded from sight and get out of you always seem to do..!

As a TUG twist and for extra Swedish connection note the three crowns on the grenade which sets this sticker apart!

- High quality vinyl sticker
- Unique three crown marking
- Excellent as surprise gift for the badass Ninja in your Team!

Size 3,3 x 5,0 cm