Elastic Belt Wolf Grey

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Elastic Belt Wolf Grey.

Get your uniform trousers geared up with our Wolf Grey tactical elastic belt that comes with a high quality black color Nifco POM* plastic buckle that is laser engraved with the epic TAC-UP GEAR Vikingship.

Use the Elastic Belt Wolf Grey for uniform, jeans, chinos, shorts, hikingtrousers, golftrousers etc.

Feel the benefit och having a snugg elastic belt when moving around a lot, always secure and comfortable around your waist and looking good at the same time. No beep at the airport security when wearing a plastic buckle instead of a metal one on your belt.

- Airport security safe (no metal).
- High quality and durable Nifco (POM*) Buckle with the TUG Vikingship logo lasered into it.
- Great comfort with the elastic, breathable and durable nylon belt.
- Strong but stretching nylon fabric.
- Easy to adjust to get it fit just right for maximal comfort.
- Genuine leather at belt end to stop any fraying.
- Width 38 mm
- Length 135 cm (Including buckle).
- Will stretch to aprox 160 cm
- The user can cut the belt to desired length.
- Classic and fashionable, low key or eyecatching depending on color.

How to cut the belt to desired length:

1. Open the buckle part clamping the end of the belt, pry carefully with a blunt screwdriver or similar under the plastic clamp to open it.

2. Remove the belt and cut the end with sharp sciccors to desired length (Do not cut the belt end with the leather end part on it!).

3. Swiftly burn the cut edge with a lighter (Speed is needed, caution! do not set fire to the nylon!).

4. Insert the end of the belt in the buckle and close the clamp and you are done!

5. Use your new belt with your favourite trousers and enjoy!

*POM-buckles are made out of a polyacetal material. Polyacetal is a strong material with a low friction resistance and has the ability to absorb heavy impacts and vibrations.