POSEIDON Swim Shorts M90 Grey

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POSEIDON Swim Shorts M90 Grey.

Make success on the beach or at training with a pair of exclusive POSEIDON shorts in M90 Grey camouflag on you!
Benefit from fast drying outer camouflage fabric and inner black net lining that will keep you comfortable and happy during hot days even after coming up out of the pool or sea!
The shorts has three pockets with one on the back with drainage holes.

This shorts model has an overall tighter fit at the top because of waist compression by elastic band and sits rather low / under your belly.
If you are looking for a looser fit more up and around your belly please consider one or actually even two sizes up than your normal one because these shorts have tight waists and legs / considered small in size!

Overall the Poseidon model shorts is made in a tighter design that is perhaps more suitable to those who feel comfortable with a "figure tight" around the waist, thighs and bum look and do not want a loose or floppy pair of shorts.
As for all summerwear with dark colors fading of colors will happen.

Measure around waist directly on your body under your belly 4 cm under belly button to find your size match below. 

Note, this product is non returnable for size change due to hygienic reasons!
Sizes are aprox waist dimensions, the fabric will stretch some more centimeters:

Medium ~ 90 cm
Large ~ 98 cm
XL ~ 102 cm
XXL ~ 110 cm  

Outer shell fabric: 100% Nylon.
Net Lining: 100% Polyester
Rinse twice before first wash in machine due to excess coloration from manufacturing.
Note that the sizes differ between this model and the M90 Grey  NEPTUNE shorts model so you will find yourself using two different sizes of the two shorts products!
NOTE! Poseidon shorts are a not returnable or size changeable item due to hygienic circumstances so please read text and size info in detail!