Tactical Neck ID Card Holder Black

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Tactical Neck ID Card Holder Black.

The Tactical Neck ID Card Holder Black is a small practical card and pen holder with a detachable clear plastic front that can be removed and used as a hook ID or card tag for cases, bags, etc. if needed.

The Neck ID Card Holder is a safe and comfortable way to carry your ID / Driver licence card around your neck or hanging in a belt/belt loop in the integrated "d-ring".

Excellent wear for uniformed services, Police, Customs personel or Military to have keycards, magnetic cards, ID etc when needed close at hand and it almost feels and functions as a miniature admin pouch.

Thanks to its flat shape, it can be worn in easily underneath your clothes or uniform and when hanging from your neck it is easily retrived to get to your cards, show guards, hold it in front of wall mounted keycard openers etc and you also have access to a pen if you use the pen-holder on the back.

On the backside of the Neck ID Card Holder there are three separated card compartments that is secured with a hook/loop closure strap that folds over and there is also an elastic tube/holder for a pencil on one side.

You also find two eyelets wich you can use if you want to carry the Tactical Neck ID Card Holder Black in a horizontal fashion.

- Clear plastic ID card holder (removable).
- Loop under clear plastic can be used for patch.
- Three pockets for cards or IDs on the back.
- Closure strap to secure any inserted cards.
- One elastic Pen holder.
- Integrated D-ring with nylon cord.
- Cord can also be used for horizontal wear.

Technical data:
- Cover dimensions: aprox. 13 x 9 x 0.8 cm
- Lanyard length aprox: 40 cm
- Weight: aprox: 83 g
- Material: Polyester (PU-backed) + clear plastic PVC.