Reflective Stripes Silver

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Reflective Stripes Silver.

Stop being vulnerable for accidents and get more visible in the dark by adding these reflective stripes to your clothes,  side-bags and rucksacks. Excellent to enhance you or your kids visibility in dark northern autumn or winter when for example walking to and from work or school etc.

Put the stripes on your backpack for use in city, traffic or on your gear for your walk in the boonies to be easier to spot.
Remember that reflective fabric/items help save lives in the dark time of year!

The stripes is also highly visible through IR night-vision devices (see the dark pictures with timestamp on them) making rescue search-parties able to spot them from a very long distance away!

Aprox: 2,5 cm width and 30 cm total length of silver reflective fabric.
2 stripes in each package as a set.
Now, order yours asap before it gets dark outside and our stock runs out!