Rucksack Cover M90

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Rucksack Cover M90.

Expertly cover your larger pack with a cover to benefit from a rewarding dryer backpack once you stop for a break!
Keep positive in the field and your kit shielded with this exclusive M90 camouflage cover!

The cover is manufactured to suite the larger packs out there 80L-90L to 120 L even with folded sleeping mats on!
The M90 Rucksack Cover could also be used on smaller packs like 70L but you might experience somewhat excess of loose fabric.
Use the elastic cord together with the 4 buttoned straps to secure the cover to your favorite rucksack.

Size straight out of polybag: 145 x 130 cm
Seen in one of the pictures the bungee type cord tightened it is about 102 cm long, 75 cm wide with an easy 20 cm of folded fabric (camo side up) to go around your rucksack.

Note: the cover come like a big square from the factory and need some "hands on" before you get it rounded out and shaped on the elastic cord the way you want it, the cord fabric is elastic and grips a bit in the PU coated inner fabric in the tubing around the cover which will need some coaxing to be molded in the shape you like for your rucksack!

Outer shell fabric
100% Nylon micro Ripstop M90 camouflage
PU Backed
Camouflage printed with dampened IR reflective colors
Water resistant treated
Flame resistance treated but important as always to stay away from open flame and burning/glowing ambers.

Note! I tend to call the cover water-resistant rather than water proof due to the fact that there are other makers out there that have absolute waterproof rubber types and this item should be considered more as a shield against snow and water!