Orange Ruck Signal Panel Marker

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Orange Ruck Signal Panel Marker.

Use the Orange Ruck Signal Panel Marker on your larger Bergen or Rucksack as an "Orange Bergen Marker Panel" when on Military selection, Rucking, Climbing, Endurance events or Hiking. It is also usable for marking your stranded car or boat, in the woods, snow, desert or sea.

Be easily seen by directing staff (DS), event staff or searchers or of course other participants.
The Orange Ruck Signal Panel is highly visible from far away on high ground and from air like helicopters, planes and drones.

This is an excellent high-visibility orange Bergen marker panel / Rucksack marker for participants in open or closed terrain during Rucking, Endurance races, Trail races,  tabbing, yomping, marches and fjällvandring.

Also this orange Bergen marker panel could also be used to attract attention of rescue personnel or to mark a lean to / shelter and as such it is vital to have included with your Bergen kit / in / on your rucksack during your adventures!

The orange panel will be usable both on small 30L-45L and  on larger  50L-120L packs and is easily fastened with bungy-cord and cord-locks which  is enclosed with each marker panel.

Note, the pictures, the camera have a hard time to capture the true orange hi-vis color of the orange and / or the reflective silver-grey print.

- Size aprox: 39x40 cm
- Colour meet EN471 standard specs for High-Vis.
- 3M high quality reflective stripes with normal and IR light reflection capabilities.
- Large reflective print.
- 4 Eylets for easy fastening on your Bergen.
- Bungy cords and cordlocks included.
- Waterproof so it also help keep your pack shielded.