Shemagh Khaki/Brown

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Article Number: 0307

Our Shemagh is of the larger size so you will be able to really wrap it around you, keeping dust and grit out or why not keep you warm during cold nights. It is rather thin which makes it adaptable over head and neck and does not become to "thick" when swept around.

The color choice which is special manufactured is more for the "Desert" service / M90 K uniform but will work excellent also with your green M90 kit.

An excellent addition to your gear, or why not use everyday as fashion accessory!?
We offer the traditionally look on our Shemagh´s, used by soldiers and operators for decades!

Note! This Shemagh comes with a excess of color in the fabric, it bleeds initially when wet and could then miss color other clothes! We advise rinsing the Shemagh in lukewarm or cold water in a bucket or similar until bleeding stops.

Size: 115 x 115 cm, Made in 100% Cotton