Patrol Commander Tactical Order Kit

  • 189 kr

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Article Number: 0052

The Patrol Commander Tactical Order Kit is an easy to use kit for Group or Platoon commanders to show and instruct the troops and we have sold many of these to Platoon and Group chiefs, kits has also been seen in Swedish Armed Forces classrooms.

As you know a picture says more than thousand words so build your own terrain model and enhance it with this kit and before you know it your team will perform with more ease and less confusion the kit is also suitable for whiteboards, classrooms, hood on car etc.

Move around, point and instruct different patrol positions, your imagination is the limit. Suitable for both police and military.
You get 40 pieces of black symbols on desert style background easily visible in wooded terrain models, on concrete etc.

Made in rubber with magnetic backside, thickness 2 mm, 3x3 cm i size and weight is aprox 290 grams per kit.