Bushcraft Leather Glove

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Bushcraft Leather Glove.

Our Bushcraft glove is made in 100% goatskin and has a unique design were the look and feel has the Nordic touch to it!

These gloves have no lining and being of leather they will adopt and mold to your hands and if treated right will last years to come!
Grab the opportunity to own a pair of exclusive hand protectors for your outdoor and buschcraft adventures and discover the joy of a second skin in the forests!

Looking almost as a pair of Western Cavalry Gloves from the 1860´s their smooth feel will a be great on your hands in the woods and in the fields.
- Double layer in palm area.
- Extra layer to grab when pulling on the gloves.
- Hook up you gloves for drying or hanging using the "tab".
- Smooth and soft 100% real leather.
- The glove has long fingers.
- Fashionable "three stripes" design on upper hand.

Measurement straight over palm aprox:
X-Small = 9 cm
Small = 9,5 cm
Medium = 10 cm
Large = 10,5 cm
XL = 11 cm
XXL = 11,5 cm

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