Field Cap M90K Desert

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This great Field cap is unique for Tac-Up Gear made after the traditional Swedish Armed Forces style but with extra loop on all sides for nametag, flag and bloodtype patch, IR Glint tape etc.

The cap comes in the excellent anti IR printed m90K Desert camouflage and is Anti mosquito Permethrin treated* for use in the inhospitable desert or bush.

With a fabric blend of 80% cotton 20% polyester ripstop it makes the cap thinner than the Swedish Armed Forces Original and a really great and comfy headdress for hot desert field days!
The cap is adjustable in the back 1 - 2 cm with hook and loop closure for tight or loose fit.

NOTE! From factory the fabric is coated in Permethrin to decrease the risk of biting insects, this is clearly stated in product description, on hangtag on the product!

The anti-mosquito will still have effect after 70 washes in ordinary temperature (20-25℃), but in 60 ℃, it will be kept about 10-20 times washes!

Usage of Permethrin is common on outdoor gear like mosquito netting etc and also for example on US and British uniform clothing. Please note you must also respect the environment – Permethrin is toxic for Cats and Fish (water source), do not expose them for this clothing, we also advise you to clean your treated clothes at a cleaner that has professional cleaning equipment to minimize the Permethrin getting in to the local water. We want you to understand this but leave it up to you as customer to honor the above info. Remember the products were made for usage in deployed environments with disease spreading insects and not for unnecessary use.