Patrol Cap M90

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Patrol Cap M90.
The Patrol Cap M90 is a US styled Patrol Cap / Ranger Cap made in sturdy Swedish M90 (old school) type camouflage fabric.

TUG are unique bringing forth the traditional US Kepi / forager type / Ranger Cap in the old school 80´s fantastic looking Swedish M90 camouflage.
The well liked  short brimmed peaked cap that, if shaped properly and used frequently will give you that awsome "i´ve been around" look we all looking for!

It can sit high up on your head and do not interfere with your hearing or ear protectors.
The short peak shades your eyes and face but does not snag in branches and briars when patroling / on recom missions.
If you have been looking for a M90 Keps but want a tougher alternative.

The cap features:
Sturdy M90 camouflage fabric.
Sturdy short traditional peak.
Loop fabric on back for example nametag / nametape / patch.
Set size range, the cap has no adjustment.

Outer shell: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton weave = Varpsatin.
Infrared resistance M90 camouflage color print.
Flame resistant treated.

Shaping the Cap:
The shaping of your new cap is an art but also a must!
Don´t over do the bending of the peak, you can easily use 3-6 elastic bands that you put over the peak and let sit for a few hours / over night.
Usage in all weather is also a factor for the shaping of the cap for your head.

Below you find professional US tips on how the shaping, folding, wearing etc is done propperly!

Check out this YouTube clip how to shape your cap / peak!

Or this clip how to fold it in your pocket! (Note however that the cap needs to be folded gently in the begining before it has been properly broken in).

Please read care label inside carefully before washing, hand wash with mild non bleach detergent like soap is preferable!
Do not dry product in tumble dryer.
Do not use hot iron on garment.

Note, this hat has the feel and look like issued equipment but is at point of writing the cap is not in any way accepted by SAF or has anything to do with any issued Swedish M90 uniform, the cap is for your personal enjoyjment only!